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Australian Women in Arts & Business Visit to Tunisia

I reckon there's no controversy in declaring women as curious travelers and uber savvy networkers.

You can just rely on women active in business and the arts to step up and engage full-tilt in new experiences and all the possibilities on offer.

So the Government of Tunisia has invited me to put together a delegation of Australian Women in Arts & Business to visit their magical country.

Just like the several Arab countries that have invited me in the past, Tunisia knows that a women's visit offers something uniquely valuable in a culturally estranged world.

They desperately want to tell us who they really are - and they want to discover who we are too.

We will do this in the sort of personal and artistic encounters that are rarely - if ever - achieved in your average cultural tour or professional visit to a foreign country.

I want this to be an effective vehicle for creating broader, deeper, and more finely nuanced relations between Australia and Tunisia in business, arts exchange, and beyond.

So - as usual - I'm only inviting Australian women who subscribe to this same aim.

This journey of curated encounters will stretch personal horizons, be fully chaperoned and government supported, and cost effective .

We promise you an economical, fascinating visit that meets YOUR interests while sensitively caring for YOUR needs.

What's not to love about that?

Fiona x

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