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Arab Region Clarity - Confidence
Optimum Outcomes

Strategic Sight & Leverage of Primary Motivators

Create Authentic Connection


Greatest Impact

Our Briefings & Workshops demonstrate

Culture Clash is Inevitable


1, 2, or 3 Hour Coaching - Register Now

At the end of my coaching you'll walk away with

the FORMULA to succeed

in the Gulf Arab region, Middle East, and North Africa


Designed Specially for Team Leaders, Business Principals, Senior Executives

because I've worked for projects in:

Rail - Oil & Gas – Agribusiness – Education - Development - Publishing

Philanthropy - NGOs & Governments 

and I've done that in:

Saudi Arabia - Libya - Oman - Bahrain - Jordan - Syria - Lebanon - the UAE - Kuwait - Tunisia – Morocco

and in my homeland, Australia.

And so I know these things to be true:


inevitably derail your project



inevitably derail your project


inevitably derail your project

Sometimes Only a Little - But Most Often a Whole LOT


Learn How to Uncover Your Arab Region Target's Expectations

CLEARLY Articulate Your Expectations


Align Your Project Promise with Your Project Delivery 


To do this you Must Know How To


Transform Cultural Etiquette into Pragmatic Planning for Performance


Embrace Heritage (yours as well as theirs)

Honour Relationship

Negotiate Outside Interference

Leverage What Matters To Them Most

You Must Know How To

Create a System of Cultural Deposits to which Your Entire Team Can Subscribe


It's simply true: A great idea without cultural context is no good to anyone - for very long.

Fiona Hill’s presentation was rich in information about how business works in the Arabic countries . . . Fiona’s content and style show that she is very open to Arabic and Islamic culture and that she has remarkable experience. . . I felt that she must be from Arabic background!
Dr Ismail Elferjani Logistics Port Management Sontex

My Workshop gives you the

7 Pillars Of Arab Region Competence


Pillar 1:  Know Thy Market - Learn to be articulate on Where & What the Arab Region Really Is - what matters most and why - how it functions as a whole and how it doesn't - and why it wants you and your project.


Pillar 2: Cultural Motivators - Life beyond cultural etiquette! Hoorah! Time to get more sophisticated with your own water-tight Insurance against those inevitable faux pas, misundertandings, stumbles . . . and CRASHES.


Pillar 3: Pedigree, Hierarchy, Status – Step up into Your Personal Brand, claim Prestige, and still be yourself - only MORE of yourself.


Pillar 4: The Stress-Response Phenomena- Like or not, admit it or not, there's a seam of Negative Associations running through you and your team. Address this at the start or do real damage to staff morale and your project.


Pillar 5: Message Calibration - Create a Project Pitch (30 seconds long) that AUTHENTICALLY acknowledges what matters most to YOU and to your Client.


Pillar 6: Navigate the Interference - Learn how to identify, negotiate, and neutralise the sting of those trusted agents, advisors and inner circle employers who put their interests ahead of yours.

Pillar 7: The Hospitality Trap - Get clear on the protocols of hospitality, learn the real power of the Host-Guest dynamic, and know when to give gifts and what they should be.

I was simply blown away by the learning in this Workshop!

As a People & Culture Expert myself I am in absolute awe of Fiona Hill’s knowledge and the truly different approach she takes to empowering excellent cross-cultural engagement that clearly gets real results fast.

 Paul Ikutegbe University of Wollongong Australia

This workshop is designed for ANYONE who:


Interacts with Clients operating in/from the Arab region

   and wants those clients to tell everyone how very very good you are

(and of course you want that!)

Leads Workplace Thinking about the Arab Region

and needs to persuade POSITIVE engagement

Does Business (or wants to) in the Gulf Arab countries,

Middle East or North Africa

 with a great project that MUST catch BIG attention FAST

Manages Human Resource Development

and needs Positive Impact on Personnel Morale & Output

Having engaged with the Arab region and Arabic background clients for nearly 40 years I find Fiona’s talent for powerfully relevant business presentation about engaging with the Arab region truly wonderful.
Joe Rizk OAM Chairman Arab Bank Australia


University & College International Recruiters - Faculty - Admin

Excellent Educator Workshop

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