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'Lord, sustain me and my neighbour'


A common prayer in Aleppo's once treasured souq



When YOU thrive, so do the people around you

Workshops for broad canvas insights are great. But sometimes you want intensive coaching about all the steps you need to take to reach your goal.
One-on-One Consultation
1 hr
6 x Consults $1850

Tell Your story

You're a passionate & talented

graduate / professional / businessperson

who's trying to decide how you want the WORLD to notice you.

We Show You WHO You Are

so you get clear on

Your Personal / Business Brand

and can promote it with confidence

Instant Impress

Give us Your Business Bio - Personal Bio

Statement of Objectives

& MENA Countries of Choice


And we'll give you

the words you must convey

in the time it takes to shake a hand!

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