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boasts 25 years firsthand experience & scholarship

in Middle East - Africa - Central Asia


religious studies




which we've distilled to give you

powerfully impactful formulas for success

in the Arab & Islamic World

Our simple yet effective formulas are tested and proven.


We honour the Arab & Islamic world's huge variety

while acknowledging it’s common values.

We help you clearly articulate intangible cultural heritage - yours and theirs.

We draw upon neurologically-based simulations to show you and your team how attitudes and beliefs can subvert and disrupt your projects' objectives.

We show you and your team how to honour cultural values so that your vision is seen, heard, and achieved - whatever your project, industry, or ambition.

You know you might  find someone to diagnose your needs - or resolve your current problem - or rescue you from complete disaster.


But did you know you can do it all yourself?

YOU may think cultural fluency is hard to learn.

But we don't.

When you apply just ONE of our simple techniques you won't think so either.

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