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Most Excellent Educator

Step-by-Step Strategies


Optimum Student Outcomes


Highest Staff Morale


‘If you learn only methods, you'll be tied to your methods,

but if you learn principles you can devise your own methods.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882


Universities – Colleges – Training Institutes & Vocational Education Providers

 All Agree on 7 KEY PRINCIPLES

  1. High Value of international educational engagement as part of strategic international alliances and investments and in accordance with internationalization objectives

  2. Commitment to timely and appropriate support of international students.

  3. Commitment to adequate opportunities for professional development and support of all professional staff in their interaction with international students, their families, sponsors, and other stakeholders

  4. Intention to achieve positive & sustainable responses to international students' stated needs

  5. Acknowledgement that international students from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab countries can be high need clients

  6. Dynamic strategies for recruitment AND proper provision of appropriate quality services for the international markets

  7. Continuous updated resourcing of personnel at all levels of international student market engagement  - including Vice-Chancellors, Executive and Associate Deans (International), Academic Board, Graduate Centre, Student Services, and Faculty.


Our Most Excellent Educator Workshop helps You Action all Seven Principles.


In my Half-Day Workshop I cover:

Key motivators of Arab Cultural Behaviours

Typical Situational Behaviours at Home and Abroad

Cultural Redflags For Both Student & Educator

Real-life case studies & potential scenarios

  • Faith & Language

  • Pedigree, Names & Hierarchy

  • Avoidance issues

  • Gender Roles, Segregation, Dress Codes

  • Pedagogy, Learning styles, & Academic expectations

  • Body Language & Physical Space


My Most Excellent Educator Workshop

Lets You Harness Your Skills

Shows You how to Ensure You NEVER get lost in translation.

and is IDEAL for

  • International Recruiters (both newbies and old hands)

  • Anyone who Communicates with students by casual email or formal letter

  • Front Deskers & Student Services

  • Academics & Heads of School

  • Complaint/Dispute Mediators

  • Work Team Managers (who manage colleagues' workplace expectations)

  • International Business Developers designing & promoting products for MENA market sector

  • Anyone who needs to understand the MENA market so they can pack a punch in their chosen industry


In my Workshop I show you

where iconic Arab cultural traits come from 

what affect they have on interpersonal relations

what impact they have on time management

body language

attitudes to authority

use of mediation

the contract of hospitality

dress and personal grooming

and gender relations.


I give you TYPICAL scenarios I see again and again -- and Help you Diagnose Your Own Experiences

I provide Practical & Effective Strategies for Managing Similar Scenarios that do inevitably arise.

I promote and enhance YOUR innate ability for self-directed solutions and for independent decision-making in real time.


Specific outcomes include:


  • Clarity on what the Arab region is, what it means to Australia, and where students cohorts are coming from and why

  • Appreciation of Arab region cultural and linguistic factors and their real daily impact

  • Increased confidence in thinking about and dealing with Arab region international students and clients

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