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It's also a Lighthouse (what ALMANAR means)

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Dr. Fiona Hill - Owner Almanar Consultancy, Cultural Strategist

With a PhD in Anthropology, a good working knowledge of Arabic and French,
and a great deal

of experience in supporting commercial, professional, government, humanitarian, community,

and philanthropic engagement with the countries of Arabia, the Middle East, Africa, and Central

Asia, Fiona Hill's commitment to the MENA region has lead to appointments to Australian

Government Trade & Foreign Affairs and Commerce & Trade Associations in a voluntary capacity.

Fiona served on the Executive of the Australian Arabic Council, as an inaugural Councilor on the

Council for Australia-Arab Relations (CAAR), and for two terms was

 State Chair & Board Member of Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI)

Fiona has worked extensively in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Syria,

Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, and Senegal, and is best known for her

First-Of-A-Kind projects, including:

  • Australian Professional Women Delegations to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, the UAE, and Oman

  • Australian Women in the Arts Visit to Tunisia

  • Australian Scouts visit to Sultanate of Oman (the first official Australian Scouts troop visit to any Arab country)

  • Islamic World Discovery Project curriculum resources for Australian primary and secondary school teachers

  • 'Why Arabic "Rocks"' Seminars for Arab background students in the Arab countries and in Australia.

Fiona received the Fanny Reading Award for Near Eastern Research; an Australian Endeavour Executive Award

to observe at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry; and the internationally contested Asia Institute Graduate Community

Award for her 3 decades of voluntary service to Australian-Arab relations. She has been honoured by the Saudi Arabia Student

Association of Victoria for her work coaching University Faculty and Admin in optimum outcomes for Arab region students.

Saudization Update, Al Manakh 2


Cultural Heritage Preservation in Syria & Iraq

Conscious Cultural Heritage

Mohanned Qassar  مهند قصار  - Senior Consultant Arabic Language & Government Relations

Director of Institute of Australia Middle East Business & Education (IAMBE)

Founder of Kitabee Academy, Arabic Language Resources for Early Learners & Children

Government Liaison, Islamic Markets, Australian Trade Environment Coach

BA Humanities (English Literature) Damascus University; MBA University of Canberra; NAATI Accredited Translator & Interpreter.

 Founder of Institute of Australia Middle East Business & Education (IAMBE), Co-Founder of the Australian Migration Council, Member of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translator, and Member of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.  

In his Syrian homeland Mohanned managed a multi-million dollar business for water treatment plants and oil & gas valves before he became sought after as Media & Translation Officer at several Arab Diplomatic Missions in Australia. His flair for business, diplomacy, and foreign affairs puts him in high demand by Australian and Arab governments.


Mohanned Qassar commands the precise skills and experience that ensure greatest effect of Arab projects. He writes about the events and ideas that drive government policy and community attitudes, publishing in political and economic media worldwide.

الميدل ايست تايمز الدولية>

مهاجرو الحصار الاقتصادي .. إلى أين ؟ بقلم : مهند قصار. يكثر الحديث في العديد من الدول ...

Dr. Mandy Mottram – Cultural Heritage Expert Consultant

 Owner & Designer Seraglio Design

Mandy is an Archaeologist and polymath who can read the economic, cultural, and physical environmental transformations in the Middle East & North Africa like no-one else. Once an Expert Consultant to the Australian Government on Indigenous Cultural Heritage, Mandy's now focused on the interplay between modern national identity aspirations in general and the historical social traditions that underpin them in the West as opposed to the 'non-Western' countries.

Inspired by the rich artistry and ancient materials of the MENA region, Mandy creates utterly unique lines of jewellery using precious and semi-precious stones and ethically sourced fragments.

Mandy reads and speaks Arabic.

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