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Salam Iran

BOUTIQUE - Small Group Cultural Tour

23 September - 7 October 2017


Tehran - Shiraz - Yazd - Isfahan - Bakhtiari & Basseri Tribes . . .

Ceremonial Palaces & Pavilions - Shrines & Mosques - Cathedrals & Synagogues & Fire Temples . . . Labyrinthine Bazaars - World Heritage Gardens - Nomad Tents - Funky Cafes Priceless Works of Art - Dizzying Array of Textiles & Rugs - Signature Dishes in EVERY Location courtesy of Our Celebrated Iranian Chef Guide!

Revel - Luxuriate - Learn - Exult

THE Most Fascinating Land of Rich & Colourful Cultures.

' . . . This was truly the BEST tour I have ever done. I keep trying to describe the beauty of the gardens, the exquisite colours and designs of the tiles in the mosques and other buildings, the aromas and tastes of the food, and the overwhelming friendliness of all the people - but none of my words can do it justice. It all was quite simply The Most Amazing Tour!!'

This will be my FINAL Iran Tour for a little while . . . (Other lands are beckoning!) - - So if you have a yen to see this extraordinary country, this is your ideal opportunity! Small Group, Boutique Itinerary, LOADS of Special Inclusions . . .

Fiona x

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