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Persia EARLY BIRD Offer

Iran Cultural Tour 2-16 April 2017

Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and the villages and countryside between - great accommodation - sumptuous Persian meals - lots of specialty snacks - and quite a few special surprises.

Iran's astoundingly rich heritage, modern art, transformative poetry, luxurious food, famed textiles, world renowned built forms - none surprise you once you meet the colourful, indomitable, embracing city, village and countryside folk.

April's a delight in any country. In Iran it's warm, bright, fresh, dazzling.

Mountains are snow-capped, steppe lands are ablaze - flowers, herbs, fruits and nomads - and the towns all zing with new life and new hope.

So while the rest of the world goes mad - come see how the Iranians view it - learn what they believe - discover what makes them so cultured and proud.

ALL genders are welcome on this boutique small group tour.

But get your skates on! There are now only 2 places left!!

Fiona x


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