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Arab Region Confidence CRASH COURSE


How to Think, Speak & Act With CONFIDENCE and the $$$ POWER $$$ of Arab Region Business Done Well.

HALF DAY Workshop – WAS $499 – NOW JUST $49 ($499 ACTUAL VALUE)

This is the ACTUAL first half-day of my 2-Day Workshop and it's a CRASH COURSE in Dealing With The Arab Region.

My name’s Fiona Hill and I am your Arab Culture Confidence Guide.

I know 100% for certain that YOU WILL MAKE $$$ from knowing HOW TO RESPOND WELL to Arab Culture.

This half-day workshop is just $49 but really – I mean really – it’s worth $499.

You’ll go home with BRILLIANT notes - PRACTICAL ideas - INSTANT ACTIONS to AVOID pain, BUILD confidence, and get REAL results.

In this workshop I’ll cover 5 Pillars of Confidence:

Pillar 1: Yesterday’s Eyes on Today & Tomorrow

Pillar 2: PRIMARY Arabian Motivators

Pillar 3: Getting SEXUAL POLITICS Right

Pillar 4: What Faith’s Got to Do With It

Pillar 5: Playing HOST (NOT Servant)


Coming from Egyptian heritage doing business in Australia and the Middle East I came to Fiona Hill’s Workshop having expectations I would already be well versed in business culture in the Arab region. I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to find the Workshop kept me on my toes, gaining NEW SKILLS and perspectives. Fiona’s Workshop is CLEAR, CONCISE, and EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE. I highly recommend it!

Mona Radwan - Senior Business Consultant Kingston Institute

Some people say ‘But the Arab Region’s NOT ALL ARAB’ – and they’d be right, because it’s not.

BUT – and it’s a BIG but - everyone MUST CONFORM to Arab Cultural Norms no matter who they are.

It’s not about long lists of DO’S & DON’TS. It’s about REAL responses that are

Authentically YOU - TRUE CONFIDENCE in your UNIQUE value.

My 5 Pillars let you quit guessing and start KNOWING so you make BEST decisions and OPTIMUM VALUE actions.

I give you REAL SCENARIOS with PRACTICAL actions.

You’ll take notes RELEVANT to YOUR project and chart out your own BEST NEXT MOVES.

Besides walking you through the 5 Pillars of Arab Culture Confidence - I’ll also teach you . . .

-- The Bones of a ‘Winning Pitch’

-- How to LEVERAGE your status (and NOT get burnt!)


Fiona Hill’s Workshop was RICH in INFORMATION about how business works in the Arabic countries and religious and cultural RESTRICTIONS as well as ADVANTAGES. Fiona’s content and style show she is very open to Arabic and Islamic culture and that she has REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE. I felt that she must be from Arabic background!

Dr Ismail Elferjani, Logistics Port Management, MSc Marine Fleet Operations & Safety Management, First Officer High Seas Navigation (AASTMT)

For decades I’ve enjoyed Arab culture – and I knew I just had to pull it apart – bit-by-bit – if I wanted to REALLY succeed in showing other people WHY it’s so worth knowing.

That’s how I discovered my UNIQUE FORMULA for really, really FAST Arab Region Culture Confidence.

It's the 45 Factors of Arab Culture Confidence - and it's the GOLDEN KERNEL of Doing Arab Region Business Well.

It’s not easy – but I can tell you - hand on heart - it IS simple to learn when you know why and how.

We'll let you know Dates & Venues via your email.


EVERY staff member and academic who has contact with Saudi or GCC students SHOULD DO THIS WORKSHOP.

Juan Ospina (IR&MD team) Pathways, Articulations, AusAID UniSA International

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