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Lounging in Shiraz mosque October 2016

Boutique Culture & Foodie

Tour of Iran

2–16 April 2017

ABSOLUTE MAX. 12 Participants

School Teachers Welcome

It's Easter School Holidays and we're heading back to the Islamic Republic of Iran - the INCOMPARABLE Persia.

This is a journey for educators AND culture vultures AND foodies.

It's also a journey for you life-rich, been-most-places, don't-like-group-tours TRAVELERS - Because while there's a day-by-day itinerary there's also a whole lot of WONDERFUL surprises along the way.

We just seem to keep on stumbling on really cool, spontaneous stuff.

We'll spend time walking about thrummingly modern Tehran, ‘half the world’ Isfahan, desert paradise Yazd, fragrantly poetic Shiraz, and stop to drink in the splendour of ABUNDANT treasures along the roads between them.

Ziggurats (look it up) - Caravanserais - Grand ceremonial palaces - Dazzling pavilions you only see in story books - Exquisite mosques - Poetic shrines - Astounding cathedrals - Heady Zoroastrian fire temples - Ancient Towers of Silence - World Heritage Gardens with Wind Towers (look it up).

Mud-brick towns, labyrinthine bazaars, nomads' tents, funky cafes, carpets, jewels, copper, precious spices AND a dizzying array of luxurious dishes.

No kebab every day for you my friend!

Iran in springtime is pure delight. April's mean temperature is 25°. How NICE.

We walk - a LOT - but clients of great age and one in a wheelchair have managed it well - with our dutiful assistance and diligent care.

Twin Share A$5220 pp FULL BOARD - that means NO MORE TO PAY.

Single Supplement an extra A$700 pp

Don't miss out on this one. Iran is SO hip and so very NOW.

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