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Persia EARLY BIRD Offer

Iran Cultural Tour 2-16 April 2017

A GENEROUS reduction from $5220 with NO reduction in itinerary, quality accommodation, ridiculously luscious meals and all those special inclusions you'd expect from my boutique tours.

In a new era of First World Order come see and hear how the Iranians see it, and how they plan to move forward with pride.

And experience this extraordinary country's astounding traditional and modern art, deep philosophy, transformative poetry, luxurious food, rightly world famous textiles and copper ware, and the indomitable, embracing - and very good looking - folk in city, village and countryside.

This School Holidays tour is IDEAL for the uber savvy, life-rich educator who seldom gets a chance like this - a small group boutique tour with insights that enliven old ideas and transport into the classroom in every subject offered.

ALL genders are welcome in unsegregated Iran, so get your skates on!

This may not happen again . . .

Fiona x

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