A Great Idea With NO Cultural Context

   is a Great Idea with NO IMPACT

Your project has core values and aspirations. They're what makes it so important to you.


When you go offshore, the people you deal with may speak your language - but that does not mean they share your values.

They have their own set of values and core aspirations.


So clients may like your project, speak your language - and maybe buy your offer.


But they don't share your vision.


It's clear that your values and theirs do in fact intersect at several critical points. 


When you leverage those points you stand to gain huge advantages.


But when you do NOT leverage them, things can - and so often do - go badly wrong.

Because when values and aspirations are MIS-aligned, people LEARN to disrespect each other.


And disrespect leads inevitably to distrust.


You distrust them. They distrust you - and by extension your project's overall value.

Misalignment of values jeopardises your delivery on your promise - it stops payments flowing - it makes communication tortured, stilted, or non-existent.

Clients will complain about you - students will fail subjects - and everyone will retreat to their own corner. 






Alignment of your core cultural values and theirs is the vessel of smooth sailing.


Navigating the language of core cultural values gives you the power to bring multiple values and desires into alignment . . . and that's what builds business trust. 

No matter where you go in the world, how people operate is easy to observe.


A style of dress - a way of occupying space - expressions of belief - theatres of hierarchy - and predominant attitudes to time.

But the cultural values inspiring that behaviour are always buried deep and out of sight.

If you're ever going to appreciate your target's world view you have to dig deep and bring their values into the light.


Only then will you KNOW how to interact with them.


Only then can you ALIGN your vision with theirs - and vice versa.


Only then can you CONTROL how your project's received - and delivered over time.

Only then can THREE immensely empowering things occur.


  1. You accept your target's cultural values as fact - with no resistance or resentment.

  2. You see your own cultural values as equally powerful - and equally idiosyncratic.

  3. You start to exploit cultural values - yours and your target's - to create far superior and more reliable outcomes.


When you can really read what you see people doing

you will automatically know what to do, what to say . . .

and what to be very cautious of . . .

in any cultural environment

at any point in time


Cultural Fluency = Authentic Engagement . . . and gives far from soft results.


With more than 20 years experience in Business, Government, & Community ventures, I provide Cultural Language Coaching that ensures smart operators:-

  • Get, leverage, and retain highest attention

  • Articulate value in a language everyone can understand

  • Align the project team's beliefs with the project goals

  • Continually calibrate the promise against what's actually delivered

  • Form habits of cultural clarity that insure against unpleasant surprises.

When we travel across cultural borders there will always be challenges.


Cultural Fluency lets you avoid most . . . and get well ahead of the rest.


I show you precisely how to:

  • write, speak, and occupy space in ways your target audience responds to best.

  • demonstrate the damaging affect of the unfamiliar so your team is prepared for it 

  • enhance your client's reputation by raising YOUR profile.


I've worked in diverse cultural settings

in Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Senegal.


So I can help you articulate:

  • How different populations make sense of the world

  • What sort of cultural differences your team needs to look out for

  • The rules for building empathy when cultural behaviours appear to run counter to your beliefs

  • Your unique and authentic familiarity with your target market's culture

  • How to avoid cultural OVER sensitivity -- IN sensitivity -- or OFFENCE

  • Exactly what sets you apart in a crowded market - or even a crowded room

  • How your project can resonate deeply with your target market

  • The bottom line on culturally acceptable promotions and packaging

  • All you need to know about faith laws and regulations (including ‘Halal’)

  • How faith and religious festivals POSITIVELY impact your project

  • The best way to say ‘No’ - or to deliver a negative message

  • In what ways gender really does matter

  • The true role of Mediators, Agents, and Advisors employed by powerful people

  • . . . and more!

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