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Your cultural competence impacts on your business

Almanar Consultancy shines light on your competence in the Arab region to ensure you work at your best, achieve your goals, and avoid the costs of error.

Almanar Consultancy guides you when you’re:
  • Planning your approach and need to know what you don’t know.
  • Encountering miscommunication and sticking points.
  • Ready to share your Arab region experience but not sure how,
  • Keen to visit Arab countries for fresh insights and unique access

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Some feedback from our clients…

“I have been in the Middle East a few times, but Fiona helped clarify my observations and gave me an understanding about what is important to Arabs”
B Kearns, Department Primary Industries

“Our staff now feel far better prepared and confident to deal with the sorts of issues our clients from the Gulf Arab region present”
R Mackie, Swinburne University

“Fiona Hill’s work helps enormously in turning around outdated perceptions of doing business . . . The Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry is proud to support such an active advocate of sound relationship building”
M White, Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Fiona’s knowledge and level of access to people is exceptional. I can’t think of anyone who could provide this level of access in Asia which is where my work has been for the past 7 years”
J Wilson, Curriculum Corporation

“Dr. Hill’s review and extensive comments on our chapter being prepared for publication made useful and realistic suggestions for improvement.The quality and depth was such that we will have no hesitation in using her services again”.
S Ottery, John Wiley (Jacaranda)

“I discovered that even the most culturally aware people make assumptions which impact on communication. I recommend Fiona’s briefing for anybody who deals with any international students, and especially with Saudi students”.
F Lazowski, UniSA International

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